We have been enslaved by the mindless chaotic gods of commerce. The demons of more than enough is never enough are their heralds. And the devils of my neighbor is achieving more than I am are their envoys among us.

I am lazy. I must get motivated. I must set and achieve my goals. I must be a success. These are the prayers and mantra of self enslavement we have been taught.

I must be a team player. I must be a valuable contributor. I must pull my weight. These are the chains they place upon us and which we ourselves lock in place.

Profit and success are not enough. We have to make all the money, corner the market share. We must be super rock stars. We must be beautiful and conspicuously successful. We must be famous. We must get our name on the A list.

These are the plagues they visit upon us. These are the curses they weave about us. These are the diseases with which they infect our souls and poison our minds.

They tempt us, compete with each other. Compete with yourself. Be your best and we will reward you with riches beyond your imagination.

They whisper their seductions and lies. You are ugly unless you have it. You are a failure unless you possess it.

Where is your mansion? Where is your luxury vehicle? Where are your designer raiments? Do you wish the others to see that you are unworthy? Do you wish them to look down upon you?

They torment us. Unless you are at our feast table, you will starve. Unless you gorge, you will die ugly and lonely, unloved and wallowing in want.

Do hear that that persistent and compelling inner critic, who whispers you are less than? This is the voice of the gods of greed, wheedling and cajoling.

Destroy the earth. Destroy yourselves. Poison the air you breathe and pollute the the very waters you drink.

Please us. Sate our insatiable appetite. Obey our will and bow before us.

Strive for us. Work for us. Bleed for us and die for us. Work your fingers to the bone for empty promises. There’s a good slave.

Fuck that.

Greed and excess are the weeds which stifle peace and contentment from flourishing.

Enough is enough. The absence of an opulent feast is not the same as a famine, as they would have you believe.

Corporations thrive while communities languish in want. Death to the greed gods. Down with their high priests on earth. The presidents, the prime ministers, the directors and CEO’s.

Of course, I could be mistaken.