We defied fate and fortune both. We performed the impossible miracle, the breakneck stunt. We closed the distance and reached out and touched one another’s hearts.

You and me and me and you. In that moment. We made magic come alive. And then we did it again. And again.

Of course, the magic is short lived. And it fades in the light of day. It fades before who said what and who did that. Or rather who didn’t, or who did it again.

It fades before, I told you before. Didn’t you listen, didn’t you hear? Didn’t you care? It fades before can’t you see? Me?

It fades before clumsy missteps in the dance, or is it carelessness.

Such complications we non-magical magical creatures create. We are the antidote to love potions. The blowtorch to the flesh of romance.

If I could hold that flame in my naked hands just once. Just once. Wasn’t that the wish? Wasn’t that the dream? Didn’t it come true?

Wasn’t that enough?

Truly, madly, deeply? More like clingy, wanty, needy.

Gotta stop doing that.

Just as well we can make more.

Magic that is.




I want the miracle to last a lifetime. I want the magic to sparkle brightly always and never fade. I suppose I want to live in that dream forever. Is that too much to ask?

Yes. It is too much.

But I get greedy for it. Needy for it. I want the forever after faerie tale.

How selfish.

To turn away from the impossible dream that is. Right before my unseeing eyes. Whispered into my unhearing ears.

So clumsy. So careless. Such a dreamer. What about other peoples dreams?

Such a greedy guts, gobbling up everything and savoring nothing.

All I ever wanted was everything all at once. And for it to last forever and be picture perfect.

Don’t leave me! Don’t go! I’m not always a selfish greedy thoughtless bitch. I’m a magical bitch as well.

I swear.

Too much.

Just thinking it through out loud.


P.S. The horse is the most magical non-magical creature in creation. True story.