I gotta tell you this. This is funny. So I signed up for Instagram about two weeks ago maybe? I followed one person. I joined Insta basically to look at their stuff, no other interest in the format.

I logged in once maybe twice since I opened the account. And I logged in again tonight to discover my account has been suspended for violation of terms of service.

I followed one other user and dropped a couple of likes. That’s it. That’s the extent of my interaction. No comments, no posts of my own. And I’m banned? What the….

Is this kind of cockamamie nonsense standard for this platform? I have no idea, I’ve never had an insta account before. Is Instagram a big fat ole lolcow and I’m just finding out about it?

I dunno. Maybe my account got hacked or something.

Just as well I don’t care.

Instagram? Yeah. Bye Felicia.


Whippoorwill xo