[S]he. Is a magical mystical mythological entity. A theoretically implied circus freak clown of a basic bitch. And [s]he’s a witch.

And s[he]’s laying out all of [he]r magic before you. Marking out every hex [s]he knows. Chanting [he]r beguilements and glamours and spells. Cracking open [he]r chest, [he]r rib cage spreading wide for you.

Offering. Everything s[he] has, heart, mind and soul.

Her trust.


Whoever [s]he is. However many s[he] is.

You don’t have to touch the magical dust if you don’t want to. [S]he’s only offering. After all. Offering is all s[he] really understands. Although [s]he knows all about taking as well.

Be careful. S[he] is a switchy witch. She doesn’t mean to hurt. But that doesn’t mean [s]he can’t.

Witchy britches will take from you if you let [he]r. If you want [he]r to. If you consent to. Me for you. An exchange. Like for like and quite unlike for quite unlike.

Something given for something else given. Given freely. Given evenly.

Unfathomable for immeasurable.

Really, it’s up to you. Whether you choose to put your hands in [he]r fire. S[he] may burn you. Then again maybe [s]he won’t.

Maybe s[he]’ll do something entirely unexpected.



With love xo