It can be one helluva roller coaster ride, can’t it? This thing called life, this game of hearts. This pulse pumping, blood racing, skin of your teeth roll down the rapids.

We can be so astoundingly beautiful and so horrendously ugly. We human beings. We ascendant primates, we fallen angels.

We can make the most beautiful things. We can experience incomprehensible wonders. And we can work such cataclysmic horrors.

And in the merest blink of an eye, we’re lost to eternity again.

And though we glimmer so briefly, before returning once more into the abyss. I will return knowing that I got to know your light.

I will carry that gift and keep it safe in my heart until I breathe my final breath.


Whippoorwill xo


That’s the whole point of life, right? That’s the big riddle, that’s the mystery. To love. To care. To realize how very brilliant every other flame you see is? And if you’re lucky, maybe even see that brilliance in yourself.

But that’s the punchline too, isn’t it?

And don’t say, ‘no, it’s forty two.’