Isn’t it always the way, time after time? Time and again? I believe the dream can actually come true, for me and for you. I buy into the mythology heart and soul. Boots and all.

But it’s always the same, the romance is all just a mirage. Gorgeous and inviting and promising. But in the end, not real. Or maybe only all in my head.

It’s just, I believe. I’m a true believer. I will not give up on finding my happily forever after. That miracle which doesn’t turn out to be a big ole pile of horse flop.

So I U-Haul my queer bitch ass all up in her life, then U-Haul my queer bitch ass straight the fuck back out again. The faerie tale turns out to be nothing more than just that.

But I’ll tell you this for free, I’m not done with dreaming my dreamy dreams just yet.

Nope. I’m keeping it alive. Artificial respiration and monitored life support if I have to. Intravenous tubes and sensors hooked up to machines that go beep beep beep.

If only it wasn’t all so damn predictable. If only I wasn’t such a basic bitch. But then again, maybe this time it was [he]r.

I don’t know. Maybe if I didn’t go all in feet first every time, I wouldn’t keep face planting so spectacularly. Falling on my butt so gloriously.

Oh. Wait. Who’s [s]he? S[he]’s cute.

I wonder. Maybe [s]he could help me make it all come true?


Whippoorwill xo