‘Dang it, Mother. I just don’t understand anymore. You can’t tell who’s the girl and who’s the boy. They all look the same. Those homosexuals and trans-genders and whatnot seem to be everywhere nowadays.’

‘Well don’t you worry yourself about it, Father. They’ll all burn in hellfire come the judgement day. They’ll be sorry for their sins. Don’t you concern yourself on that score.’

‘I suppose so…. Say, Mother? Do you think we ought to pray for their souls?’

‘Oh no, Father. They bring it upon themselves willingly with their sinful and wanton ways. They know full well they’re against god and nature, and they just don’t care. They’re sick, evil, wicked people. They want to burn.’

‘I guess so, Mother. Except….’

‘What is it dear?’

‘Well, somehow it just doesn’t seem right. Something about all those young ones being hell bound just feels….wrong….’

‘I mean, they don’t seem like bad people….’

‘Oh, don’t be silly, dear. They’ll all burn in hell for eternity. And we’ll be up in heaven looking down. Won’t that be nice, Father? You and me together in heaven forever, basking in the lords love, while the sinners burn?’

‘I suppose so, Mother. I suppose.’