Whippoorwill faded in and out of focus. Never quite sure whether [s]he was here or there. One or the other. Lost or found.

A real life Whippoorwill or a shimmery glimmery flighty ghost.

[He]r heart hurt ever so very much and [he]r mind was so befuddled, s[he] couldn’t tell what was real and what wasn’t anymore.

Except for the nightmares.

But Whippoorwill didn’t mind. [S]he had a heart full of love and hope still.

And after all, none of these things really mattered anymore.

S[he] could still sing from time to time and [s]he was very grateful and glad, all [he]r lovely friends were so very thoughtful and kind.

Whippoorwill loves them all so very much, even though [s]he is so very far away.

Thank you.