If I had a ridiculously vast fortune, I would buy a big pile of gold and a cave. I would stay in my cave and guard my gold like mean greedy gold hoarding dragon.

No. That sounds boring.

What I’d actually do is sneakily and anonymously disperse my ridiculously vast fortune discreetly.

I would creep up on people in dire need and slip them life changing amounts of money by stealth. Along with a note saying.

‘Here, have some money. Absolutely no strings attached. Do whatever you want with it, use it wisely or waste it recklessly. I don’t care. But understand that I will never be back with more money again.’

Then I’d sneak off again and disappear into the night. Never to be seen again.

Yeah. That sounds like more fun.


The only problem is, people like me don’t end up with ridiculously vast fortunes. We tend to focus on things other than amassing ridiculously vast fortunes. And what we have we tend to share rather than hoard.

I guess you have to think like a like mean greedy gold hoarding dragon to amass a ridiculously vast fortune.

But being a mean greedy gold hoarding dragon all alone in your cave with your gold sounds boring.

I suppose you could make a super fast golden rocket car. That would be fun for a while.


Silly Me.