I’ve been wearing skirts a lot lately. Although I only own two. Both black. One A line midi and one butt/hip huggy, slinky with a slit maxi.

I’ve been wearing cute stripey knee socks a lot lately too. And almost but not quite off the shoulder sweaters as well.

Like I’m trying to be pretty for someone.

Like I want to be pretty for someone.


This is very odd behavior for me. I’m usually all about skinny jeans and superfluous zippers and stonking great boots. Plaid shirts or heavy metal band t-shirts. Usually Korpiklaani or Finntroll or Kvelertak or some crap like that. Usually a hockey sweater if it’s chilly.

Maybe it’s a phase. I’ve heard there’s things called phases.

Maybe it’s evolution. There has been a lot of growth and change happening these last couple of years.

Who knows where this is all leading.

Maybe next week I’ll do a complete turn around and start stuffing socks down my knickers.

Although I’m more concerned about the bulge of my butt and belly at the moment.


It’s nice to have irrelevant stuff to worry about as well as terrifying important stuff.

But anyway.

Is there any such thing as ginger snowflake cake? Or did I just make it up in my head and want it to be a real thing? If it is real, I’d like a slice.


Whippoorwill xo